Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pick your marriage partner

Here you go: back to back women representing their world views. Which would you prefer as a marriage partner?

Alex and his mom:

Ania Egland and her boys:

Alex' mom has been criticized by military moms who say: She wants our sons to protect her son; she wants her son to take no risks to protect anyone or anything. An understandable sentiment; yet I'm not certain it gets at the core issue.

If Alex' mom perceived a lethal, unappeasable threat from the Middle East, she might be proud to have her son go off to meet that threat. The core issue is that she does not perceive such a threat.

Our marriage choice is between two women who have two different takes on truth.
Which woman is the better thinker?
Which woman reasons and processes information more effectively?
Which woman is more able to perceive truth and filter out fantasy?

A person who is more grounded in truth will be more pleasant to live with. A person who more easily embraces fantasy ... what other fantasies will she buy into?

Feel free to watch the videos again. To whom would you rather awaken each morning? The choice is a microcosm of larger dynamics at play both in our nation, and in the world.


Re: world: Alex' mom might represent "Old/neo-Socialist Europe", and Polish born Ania Egland might represent a "New Europe" which is largely comprised of Slavic states which once were controlled by the Soviet Union.


My favorite part of video 1 is when Alex smiles up at his mom. Adorable. My favorite part of video 2 is when Ania's son moves slightly, revealing that Ania is pregnant with a third child. Aw. Heartwarming.


Another response to Move On's ad:

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