Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The media fix is in, Example 873,462

John at Powerlineblog:
"[D]oes the Associated Press monitor PJTV, waiting for a conservative to make a mistake so they can write a story about it? I don't think so. Rather, there are groups--web sites and far-left activists here in Minnesota and elsewhere--who monitor everything Bachmann does. They read her speeches, watch her (many) television appearances, sometimes follow her around from place to place, and now, evidently, tune in to PJTV. (I hope they paid for a subscription.) Why do they do this? Solely in hopes of catching her in an error--or, more often, an alleged error--which they then broadcast on their web sites.

So there is actually an "interesting coincidence" here. What this story illustrates is the symbiotic relationship among liberal web sites, the Associated Press and mainstream newspapers. Liberal activists do the work, digging up nuggets that the Associated Press writes stories about and papers like the Star Tribune carry as articles. All for the purpose of trying to defeat a conservative, like Michele Bachmann, in the next election.

It would be interesting to try to add up the number of times we here at Power Line have caught errors that were made by Democratic politicians. They must number in the hundreds. Yet I can't recall a single instance where the Associated Press has picked up on one of those errors and put it out as a news story so that it could be carried in the politician's home-town paper. That's the kind of error, apparently, that neither the AP nor the newspapers have much interest in."

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