Saturday, November 28, 2009

Beauty, Fertility, Joie de Vivre

Southern brother traveled to Flagstaff to partake of this Thanksgiving meal with our cousins Lynn, Rachel, and Joe. Looks worth it.

You can see the family dynamic: beautiful women, everywhere. Let me accumulate descriptors: beautiful, fertile, full of life. Plus, um, fresh asparagus and olives. All the good things!

Rachel's grandmother - my Aunt Jane, and Rachel. When the 2009 Fort Worth summer heated up, I used this photo on my desktop, to remind that the summer heat would eventually subside!


emjay said...

I always worry about Aunt Jane on a horse, she is such a daredevil. She used to jump on them bareback and just take off!

gcotharn said...

I didn't know that. So, maybe I understand her personality a little better, now. Jane is looking for a dopamine surge. I can relate.