Monday, November 23, 2009

Watching Vince Young on MNF

The problem with man to man defense = the QB is wide open if he scrambles. The defensive LB's and secondary might be spread out anywhere.

The problem Titan's opponents face: its very difficult for a def. line to keep Vince Young trapped in the pocket. Further, spying Vince Young seems useless: how does a spy defender, alone in a one on one situation in the open field, tackle Vince Young? That tackle, much of the time, is not going to happen.

The problem with playing zone defense is that the Titan passing game, as it was when Steve McNair was at the helm, amounts to a plethora of ultra safe 7 yard passes. There's no way a zone stops those passes. Therefore, the Titans, behind a power running game and their beloved 7 yard safe passes, march down the field against a zone, eating massive clock all the way.

So: you're damned if you zone and damned if you play man to man. If you play man to man, you may as well concede every 3rd and 3 to the Titans, b/c Vince Young is about to scramble out of the pocket and pick up the easiest 5 yards ever.

You're equally damned if you play zone. The Titans spend all season throwing their dumpy passes. They are better at it than you are at stopping it.

Steve McNair, also, was a formidable scrambler. When McNair was the Titan's QB, McNair put the defense into the same quandary as Vince Young puts them in now. Jeff Fisher knows how to create this unsolvable trap for the defense.

The Titan's started the season 0-6, and now have won 4 straight games in which Young has started. The TV guy just said Vince Young has won 8 straight starts as an NFL QB.

Vince Young is like an opera. He is incredibly immature - both emotionally and intellectually. He is a lost boy who never had a father. I don't know how much he will mature, ever, at any stage of his entire life. So, you have the size and speed; the mediocre pop gun arm which is nevertheless accurate; and the potential that Vince Young will melt down into little girl tears if the fans boo him. Opera. Watching Vince and the Titans is entertainment.

And Titans RB Chris Johnson, formerly of the East Carolina Pirates, is a playah. A PLAYAH. I'm sayin: Chris Johnson can PLAY. He knows how to handle his body. He has vision. He does not dance around east-west, but burns the turf going north-south. He is durable. He's the kind of guy a lineman wants to block for.

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rakeback said...

Vince turned things around 180 degrees from where he was last season, and its good to see that he has the full confidence of his teammates. He doesnt throw the ball well, but he finds a way to win games.