Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Preparing to celebrate the holidays with family, I am struck by the beauty to be found.

My cousin, Jade - another grandchild of the prolific Emjay.

My family, on both sides, is STOCKED with beautiful women. And those women produce sons and daughters. My family is gleefully countering the Muslim population explosion.

Jade's son, Rylan, ready for trick or treating:

I put up photos of cousin Chelsea and her son, Hunter, a while back. But, look at this new photo:

Apple pie. Except, Hunter is more like frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails. As he reaches adulthood, I suspect Hunter will need an outlet for the natural heroism, and for the love of action, which oozes from his every pore. Might he have a future in the military? In a fire department? Whatever his future, Hunter will never be a Beta male. He is constitutionally incapable.

Below, my cousins: sisters Sydney and Annika, and their and my brand new cousin, Piper.

Sydney looks like a resident of Whoville. At age 22 or so, Sydney and Annika will slay men where they stand, via nothing more than a glance and a smile. And, if headbands are in style in 2031, Piper will slay, also.

Cousin Victoria and Marsha Brady.

Toria is another grandchild of the prolific Emjay. I'll be at Toria's house tomorrow, for Thanksgiving.

The beauty in my families keeps coming, as in fields which steadily sprout wildflowers.


One more vignette:

Cousin Tate, wearing his Ole Miss jersey, made official pilgrimage to Oxford for Ole Miss vs. LSU. After, he imitated Ole Miss fans:


Webutante said...

Wow, you do have some beautiful women and mothers in your family with precious children.....How blessed can you be!

Happy Thanksgiving!

emjay said...

Thank you Greg. You're right, the family (all sides) is full of beautiful women, handsome men and brilliant scholars. God is good, He is good indeed! Love you, Emjay

gcotharn said...

Am including you in the "beautiful women in the family" demographic. Happy Thanksgiving.

Much to be thankful for. Lately, I'm thankful for beauty.

Donna B. said...

So, how old are Hunter and Tate? I have granddaughters and it's never too early to nudge them in the right direction.

gcotharn said...

I like the way you think. Hunter is 4, and Tate just turned 2. How old are your granddaughters? A more revealing portrait of Hunter, here. He is a rugged, rough and tumble little boy with a mischievous smile on his face. He is sort of a crash-the-tricycle-and-jump-up-grinning personality. He cracks me up. I love it.