Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gameday! Go Frogs! Update: TCU 55 - Utah 28

Update: and it wasn't that close. TCU led 35-7 midway through the second quarter. The uniforms must have made the difference.

Biggest game in half a century!

--Amon Carter Stadium sold out early in the week--

This is Baugh with the Redskins - but I painted him in TCU Purple. Sam doesn't mind.

Look at the similar balance and weight distributions of Favre (#4) and of Baugh - right down to the angles of their foot positions. Both players are "slingers", and both have a lot of weight on their front foot. Over 60 years apart, their legs and weight distribution are amazingly similar.


Donna B. said...

Ha! I have a TCU grad in the family, so I know she's doing a Happy Dance tonight.

I didn't even consider trying to call her this evening.

gcotharn said...

Frog fever, baby! Causes the Happy Dance.