Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fellate Barack, stone Prejean

even though both oppose gay marriage.

Bro64 got me started with this email:
Although Carrie Prejean is no saint and no rocket scientist, she seems to be earnest, composed, and well spoken for a 22 year old. I'm not ready to start a petition for her, but after this week's revelation of the "sex tape", which I think could more properly be described as "solo video for boyfriend", this comparison came to mind: Kim Kardashian. [Kardashian made an extremely graphic sex tape, yet] one rarely hears a negative comment about Kim Kardashian. Double standard? I think so.

The hostility to Carrie Prejean is about agenda and target of opportunity. The left attacks people they can cull from the herd and isolate. The left attacks people instead of logic and reasoning. Three reasons for this, I think:

1. The truth thing. In conversation, the right searches for truth. The left doesn't much believe in truth, and just tries to "win" the conversation via any means.

2. The left is not grounded enough (philosophically or spiritually) to argue logic and reasoning. Many on the left are afraid they would lose that argument.

3. The left has been allowed to get away with attacking people.

American citizens have failed to heap proper piles of scorn onto the left over this tactic. We citizens, i.e. the herd, have tended to turn our backs on individual herd members who are being isolated and attacked. We've paid the price for our cowardice, and are still paying the price: political correctness is choking America.

The honorable way to respond to Carrie Prejean is to make the case that gay marriage is the best thing for America. The honorable way to respond to Joe the Plumber is to make the case that redistributing wealth is the best thing for America. The honorable way to respond to Sarah Palin is to make the case that small government and free markets are wrong for America. Thats also the honorable way to respond to Michelle Bachmann.

Avoiding reason, and targeting individuals, is dishonorable, is unchivalrous, and ought NEVER win the day.

Carrie Prejean is an absolutely typical American girl. Carrie Prejean has done nothing which an absolutely typical American girl would not be tempted to do and easily might do in a similar situation. Who is going to stand up and say they've never done anything worse? Not me. I've done worse stuff and created actual victims. Carrie Prejean made some poor choices. However, she didn't rob a bank, and she created no victims. What is scandalous is the way she has been targeted by the "tolerant" left, and the way she was betrayed by her old boyfriend.

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