Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nike Promotion TCU Uniform

for Saturday's Utah game:
Nike is promoting skin-tight lightweight uniforms.
Article and more photos.
The helmet and pants are a gray mottle which is supposed to evoke horned toad skin.

The uniform design is pretty cool. However: missed color scheme opportunity. Too much gray/black.

A horned toad has a tan/khaki/gray mottle which camouflages it in arid environments. The uniform's gray/black doesn't evoke horned toad skin. The uniform needs some tan.

Also, golden/tan/khaki colored pants look fantastic with purple jerseys, as shown by TCU great Davey O'Brien, Heisman Trophy Winner in 1938:

Therefore, at least in the football pants, TCU needs more tan and less gray. I took an old sketch of a Komodo Dragons uniform and unleashed Microsoft Paint. Imagine yourself sitting in Amon Carter Stadium on a sunny afternoon, watching warm-ups between Utah and TCU. Which TCU color scheme looks better?

Added: attempt to paint sunlight and shadows onto Sammy Baugh's uniform. This is Baugh with the Redskins - but I painted him in TCU Purple. Sam doesn't mind.

An aside: look at the similar balance and weight distributions of Favre (#4) and of Baugh - right down to the angles of their foot positions. Both players are "slingers", and both have a lot of weight on their front foot. Over 60 years apart, they are in amazingly similar body positions.


Anonymous said...

I am laughing out loud at this. Greg, buddy, you have TOO much time on your hands! So many sketches. Frogs in the crotch area? Perhaps you should pursue a new career as a wardrobe designer? :>)

Love Ya!
Your "old" Badminton partner

gcotharn said...

Whoa whoa! I'm an artist! You denigrate my art?!

Second: frogs in the crotch area! I like it. But I suspect (for reasons I won't go into) that only a woman, or a gay man, would've thought of it. Thus you reveal yourself as a mixed doubles Badminton partner. Whether the mix was man/woman, or hetero/homo, we'll let the readers guess.... Because we like to be mysterious.

gcotharn said...

Oh, and to prove I'm not bitter, I took a bit MORE TIME, and tweaked the pants in the last sketch, to make them look a bit closer to a horned toad's skin color.

emjay said...

As you cousin Frank would say, "Greg, you ain't right!"