Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ol Man Obama

Old Man River:

Paul Robeson , from the 1936 movie "Showboat"
Judy Garland existential pain version

Present day adaption:

There's a man called Barack Obama
That's the man half of America wants to be
What does he care if the world's got problems?
What does he care if the land ain't free?

Ol Obama, dat ol Obama
He ought know sumpin, but don't know nuthin,
He keeps fantasizin, just keeps fantasizin along.

He don't keep a promise, he don't make decisions,
An dem dat makes em, is soon bus comprissioned,
But ol' Obama, he jes keeps blame blamin' along.

You an me, we sweat an strain,
Bank accounts all achin an racked with pain,
Pay dat tax! Genuflect without fail!
Exert some free speech an you land in jail.

Ah gits weary, an sick of tryin
Ah'm thinkin John Galt without the damn speechifyin,
But ol Obama, jes keeps platitudin along.

from bgates:
Bow low, sweet Obama
Goin' apologizin' for his home
Bow low, sweet Obama
Goin' apologizin' for his home

I looked out at Riyadh and what did I see
Goin' apologizin' for his home
The American President down on one knee
Goin' apologizin' for his home


I turn on the news from Tokyo and what did I see
Goin' apologizin' for his home
Obama with less backbone than nigiri sushi
Goin' apologizin' for his home


The brightest day that I will know
Goin' apologizin' for his home
When Sarah Palin sends that douchebag back to Chicago
He'll be done apologizin' for his home

John of Powerlineblog:
One seriously hesitates to draw the conclusion that Barack Obama is an idiot, no matter how strongly the evidence may point in that direction. But what are we to make of a man who is ignorant of history; who is ignorant of economics; who despises his own country; and who appears to believe that awareness of his own wonderfulness is enough to guide him? Has such a fool ever played a leading role on the world stage? I think it is fair to say, no: not until now.

Also: Japan Expert to ABC: Yes, Obama’s bow made him look like an idiot



Anonymous said...
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Webutante said...

Ole man river was once one of my favorite songs from "Showboat." When my parents would rarely leave me alone in the house when I was little I would go into the living room and get the 78 record out of the Showboat jacket, put it on the Victrola and turn it way, way up. Then I'd sing and dance at the top of my lungs..

Very clever rendition and sadly true.

gcotharn said...

I can see you singing and dancing. I have a CD of Broadway favorites which I keep for road trips. Ol Man River is the first song on the CD, and I like to sing it very loudly, as resonantly as possible.

Webutante said...

Hey, I'll meet you at an I-35 rest stop. You can sing out your part, and I'll do mine.

gcotharn said...

LOL. It would totally be worth a drive. We would definitely need cell phone video, for our friends only, never for public consumption!