Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's been obvious, for a decade, that Eric Holder is not competent to be Attorney General of the U.S.

KSM in NYC is what happens after time spent viewing the law as a method of advancing a political agenda. Obama, Holder, and Holder’s minions have forgotten justice; have forgotten constitutional principles. Such basic and boring small matters (i.e. justice and constitutional principles) are beneath them. Obama and Holder and minions have, as a result, embarrassed themselves.

It was obvious, a decade ago, that Holder was not and is not competent for the AG position. Holder refused to appoint independent counsel to investigate the China-connected fundraising abuses by Vice President Gore (which occurred around the time President Clinton allowed LOREL Corp. to sell advanced, and previously top secret, missile technology to China). Holder was central to the politically driven pardons of 16 FALN Puerto Rican terrorists - pardons designed to get Hillary Clinton elected to the Senate in NY. Curt Levey:
"Mr. Holder chose to ignore opposition to the pardons from the FBI, two United States Attorneys, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Fraternal Order of Police and victims of the FALN bombings."
Holder was central to the Marc Rich pardon - failing to pass along relevant information about a) Rich's misdeeds and b) opposition to Rich's pardon, followed by giving inaccurate testimony during the 2001 Congressional inquiry into the Rich pardon. One would think Holder's career in government would have ended there - at the inaccurate Congressional testimony. Dream on.

For a decade, it's been obvious Eric Holder is a functionary; a yes man; a political hack; a middle manager who needs supervision; a lightweight whose opinion ought never be given great weight; and A BAD LAWYER WHO NEITHER UNDERSTANDS NOR VALUES THE LAW.

Obama selected Holder b/c Obama is focused on the Justice Dept’s treatment of race, and b/c Obama could count on Holder to rectify perceived racial wrongs. A race conscious POTUS nominated a hack. A race conscious Congress confirmed a hack to be Attorney General of the United States. No one in a race conscious nation wants to say the truth: Holder is an obvious hack, and is the Attorney General of the United States partly b/c of skin tone which caused Congress to pass him through, and partly b/c Holder is sympathetic to Obama’s over-riding concerns about racial injustice emanating from the Dept. of Justice. Janice Rogers Brown would never be nominated to be Obama’s AG.

Holder as AG is an outrageous situation, and it’s further outrageous that most everyone is terrified to speak the truth about it. Unless our culture is willing to squarely face truth, and to speak truth, we will lose what meritocracy remains.

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