Monday, November 23, 2009

Disturbing news about Lisa's death

Based on interpretation of toxicology results which have now come in: Lisa died due to an overdose of pain medication which was administered in the hospital.

Worse, Bruce had patiently (for once) yet definitively explained to the doctor about Lisa's historically weak tolerance for medication. Bruce informed the hospital doctor of past medication used, and of dosages. The doctor wanted to try his own favored pain medication, in strong dosage, in attempt to increase Lisa's blood pressure. Bruce explained that her routine blood pressure was consistently low. Bruce and Baron urged the doctor to use tried and true medication and dosages. Courtney, also, was present during the conversation.

I knew this news might be coming. Still, the news is difficult to process. Bruce, Courtney, and Baron worked their derrieres off - night and day - keeping Lisa alive for 7+ years.


Donna B. said...

That is disturbing and so very, very sad.

gcotharn said...

Thank you, Donna.

Anonymous said...

I've told you bits and pieces of Will's story...similar malpractice situation...this makes my stomach sick. I am so so sad. Poor Bruce. :>(


gcotharn said...

at one point, as you were telling me some details about Will, I realized Lisa's and Will's stories might end up having some similarities.

Bruce, of course, is grieving. However, he's doing as well as you would hope a grieving person would do.

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