Monday, April 12, 2010

My draft choice for the Dallas Cowboys: DE Jared Odrick

Out of 20 mock drafts by "draft experts", DE Jared Odrick is available at the Cowboys' 27th pick in 10 of those mocks. He's a good citizen. He has a good "motor". He has a bit of speed. He relishes contact. He is 6'5" 305, and he understands leverage. He frequently fought through double teams at Penn State. He's perfect for what the Cowboys need, and likely would be the best player on the board at 27th pick.

The Cowboys have 3 outstanding pass rushers: DE Ware, NT Ratliff, DE Anthony Spencer. If the Cowboys acquired one more outstanding pass rusher for DT, then the Cowboys defense would strongly pressure the QB with a 4 man rush. When you can do that, and when you have 3 solid CBs (as the Cowboys do), you can be a formidable defense.

The argument against Odrick would be that the Cowboys have several adequate DTs. I say the D-Line is a place where you need to be better than adequate at all positions. Further, the other players likely to be available at 27 do not fill Cowboy needs such as WR or Offensive Tackle. The exception would be S Taylor Mays. IMO, however, you can get a decent S in basically any round of a draft, and they can likely succeed as a rookie. Unless we're talking about a future Hall of Fame player, I would take Safeties later in the draft.

Blogging the Boys reports on DT Jared Odrick.

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