Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Obama lied, trust in government died

Death Panel!

Peter Orzag explains how Obamacare imposes healthcare rationing. Ed Morrissey comments.

The short, easily understandable explanation: Obamacare creates a death panel of unelected persons who are appointed for life. These persons, representing the Government of the United States, hold the power of life or death over every American who has an illness or infirmity.


It's quiet. Too quiet.

The Obama administration appears to be in a slight—a very slight—resting phase.
But there is no sense of being able to take a breather. Rather, there is the ominous feeling one gets as a storm approaches. The pressure builds and our joints ache. We look at the threatening sky and wonder just how bad it will be, and what form it will take. One huge domestic dark cloud looming at the moment is financial reform, with immigration reform and a climate change/energy bill waiting on the not-at-all-distant horizon, jostling for the privilege of being next on the agenda.

Why do I liken them to clouds and storms? Is it not clear, for example, that financial reform is needed to prevent another meltdown like the one that occurred in fall of 2008? And that illegal immigration is a problem that has gotten out of hand, and has been ignored way too long?

Yes, and yes.

The problem is that most Americans’ trust in the ability of Congress to solve such things, or even to tackle them in a way that will not make them worse, is nonexistent. The idea that our representatives would listen to our concerns, be responsive to our needs, and then have the intelligence to craft solutions based on common sense and/or intelligent thought or even well-meaning effort has been waning over the years but has finally evaporated. If there had been any lingering faith in Congress, HCR erased it.

We have come to expect lies, so that now when we hear “we have the votes” or “we lack the votes,” one means about the same as the other and neither can be trusted. For the most part, our press is no more help to us than Pravda was to the Soviets.

WHY would citizens fail to trust government? Oh, I don't know. How about:

That's right, both Sebelius and White House had the completed HHS report for more than a week before the healthcare vote in the House, and both Sebelius and the White House suppressed the report which said Obamacare costs would explode far beyond the revenue available to pay for Obamacare.

Had GWB done something similar, there would have been calls for impeachment. Obama lied, trust in government died.

Update: the assertion about the suppressed HHS Report is denied to ABC News by Richard Foster, the chief actuary for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, who says: "That's not true." Link

Or, from Scott at Powerline, how about:

GM is helping Obama Admin mislead public

Whitacre and GM do not stand alone in peddling the [false] tale of GM's repayment of funds taken from the government.

The Obama administration is invested in the myth of General Motors' financial success. It stands shoulder to shoulder with Whitacre in the support of his highly misleading column. The editorial is suggestive of the fact that Whitacre's column was a piece of political theater in the service of the Obama administration. It is a companion piece to the assertion of the Obama administration that taxpayers stand to recoup all the funds bestowed on GM and Chrysler by the Obama administration.

The Obama administration has no interest in helping the American citizens get a handle on the reality of the government takeover of GM (or Chyrsler). GM has apparently not released its first quarter 2010 operating results. In the six months following its emergence from bankruptcy in 2009, GM posted a net loss of $4.3 billion.


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