Monday, April 26, 2010

In Support of Boobquake 2010

Update (more Updating below the post):
The Taiwan earthquake hit on Monday morning in Taiwan, which was Sunday night in the U.S.A.: 10:59 PM EDT on Sunday, Apr 25, 2010. Therefore, Boobquake 2010 only caused the Taiwan earthquake if women in Japan and China and Indonesia and Australia, et al, were participating.

It will be quite notable if Boobquake causes a massive breakout of earthquakes: it might be the first time fundamentalist Islam ever gets something right. In the meantime, both suspense and boobs hang heavy in the air.


Jen McCreight ==>

Blogger Jen McCreight accidentally created the noble Boobquake as a protest against an oppressive Islamic cleric:

"To be honest, it started as silly joke that I hurriedly fired off since I was about to miss the beginning of House."

Sonia Aquino supports Boobquake 2010.

Josane of Casino de Paris supports Boobquake 2010.

Body Art babes support Boobquake 2010.

My beloved "merry dumpling", Nigella Lawson, supports Boobquake 2010.

Lofty London liberals support Boobquake 2010.


Update 2 :
Boobquake was born to be Twitpic'ed. Twitter's marketing people ought be fired for not having created it themselves.

Update 3:

The Bloggess has boobs, and does a post for Boobquake which segues into this vignette which is connected to Boobquake b/c both made me laugh with delight, so there:
A few weeks ago I linked to a post on Alone with Cats and the chick that writes it sent me a very sweet, unexpected thank you card filled with cursing, threats of violence and tips on befriending wealthy, dying relatives and there was a tiny package under the card and inside the package was was the single greatest, random, bizarre gift that I’ve ever received:
Yes, people. It’s a dead, stuffed gambling squirrel holding a tiny pistol and when I pulled it out Victor said “Oh, what the @#$% now?” and I was all “This, Victor, is what happens when you make a difference in people’s lives”....


MeeMa Karen said...

I participated....

gcotharn said...

Heh. Good point. You are blessed to participate every day! You are a one woman refutation of foolish Mullahs.