Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Texas Rangers Justin Smoak is 1 for 11

in a big league career consisting of 4 games. Video: Smoak's first and only major league hit, accomplished after beginning his career 0 for 9.

Smoak also has 5 Bases on Balls, giving him a .375 OBP which is the 4th highest OBP on the team, and which is 30 points higher than Hamilton's OBP, 60 points higher than Young's OBP, is over 100 points higher than the OBPs of: Davis, Borbon, all the second basemen, all the catchers (except Treanor at .294), and Murphy. Smoak had drawn his 4th Base on Balls of the season before Borbon finally drew his 1st Base on Balls of the season. Which is not so much to heap praise on Justin Smoak - though I do love a batting approach which is more like a veteran Yankee and less like a Rangers rookie - but is, rather, to solidly SOLIDLY CONDEMN Texas Rangers hitters who appear to have the IQs of sheep and the stubbornness of mules. At least mules are smart - as opposed to a collection of Rangers hitters who are thus far determined to ruin the franchise's chances of winning a playoff series during their tenure with the team. I'm close to being ready to be rid of all of em (except Elvis, Cruz, and Smoak) - and I'm ready to start by getting rid of Michael Young, as he is the veteran leader of this collection of rock heads. Young sets the tone of stubborn, over-aggressive stupidity. Young goes to the plate "to hit", as if going to the plate "to hit" is a type of proof of his manhood; is a type of proof of his old-time authentic baseball gravitas and legitimacy. It's not. It's proof of his stubbornness and stupidity. He ought be going to the plate to get on base. The distinction is the difference between winning and losing in the MLB Playoffs and - to lesser yet definite extent - during the regular season.

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