Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whittle Interviews Whistleblowers Re Government Cover-Up of Nature of Islamic Jihad; Plus Infiltration of Jihad Into U.S. Government

Must see video. Whittle's and PJTV's scoops are superior to anything "60 Minutes" has done in many years.


My transcription of portions of the interviews:

The first whistleblower was tasked with finding Islamic doctrinal arguments which the U.S. Government could market to the Islamic world in such a way as to decrease numbers of Islamic fundamentalists and to increase numbers of moderate Muslims.

Ultimately, First Whistleblower was shocked by his own findings:
Over a long period of time, I ended up collecting a large body of Islamic law - an enormous amount of it available in English - and realized that: if Islamic law is the criteria by which you measure legitimacy or illegitimacy, you can't show that the moderates have a doctrinal basis to the position they hold; and you can't show that, on the statement of the law, the radicals are wrong.

I was expecting to find competing views that had some merit. I was expecting to find that the moderate view would be the dominant view, and that we would have to figure out these and how to make these arguments so that the people in the Middle East would know what it was -- and [I] could not find it. Now, I could find that you're not allowed to fight a jihad you can't win. And thats a limiting factor. But when you get to actually what published Islamic law says: it supports the radicals in what they say. And, you come to find, after you get a sense for the language of jihad, and for a sense of how the language of Islamic law works, that it's [the language of jihad] pervasive, even in the U.S. Muslim community.

Inside the Dept. of Defense ... what were the consequences of you coming back with this information?

First Whistleblower:
Shock, [and then] complete unresponsiveness to facts. If you are professionals, then you have a duty to be competent that includes the duty to know. And if you are National Security Analysts who are professionals: your violation of your oath to be competent is a violation of your oath to protect and defend. It just seems that they completely picked up our whole national security apparatus and moved it from a factual legal basis to one that supports narratives. And it just struck me that, when you hit a certain level - and I don't want to sound too cynical, but, at the same time: it seems that the point at which your future promotion was dependent upon [orienting around] a narrative, as opposed to orienting on facts - well, I witnessed a complete shutdown. A friend of mine called my brief "the red pill brief", or "the guilty knowledge brief".

Second Whistleblower is a former Special Agent for the FBI who spent nearly 15 years working with a primary expertise on the Islamic movement in the United States, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Islamic doctrine.

Second Whistleblower says all information he references is openly available online, and much of it came out in the Holy Land Foundation trial. Just Google "Holy Land Foundation".
The documents [from the trial] show that every major Muslim organization in the United States is a Muslim Brotherhood front, specifically: the most prominent organizations. The two most prominent organizations in the United States - or the three most prominent - are the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Council on American Islamic Relations - "CAIR", and "ISNA" - the Islamic Society of North America.

CAIR is a Hamas entity. It is Hamas. And ISNA is a huge financial entity for Hamas in the United States. And CAIR and ISNA are the two groups that the U.S. Government - including the FBI, DOD, State Dept., and DHS, look to, and utilize, to do their outreach with the Muslim community in America.

At the national level, with the FBI and DHS, they actually are invited in, by General Council's Office of FBI and DHS, to sit in on brainstorming about investigative techniques that are used in the field. So, for instance, the General Council of the FBI, Valerie Caproni, invited these Muslim organizations - as well as the ACLU and other groups - in to make sure that the investigative techniques and the Attorney General guidelines ... was okay and not offensive to these organizations.
When the people advising ... are Muslim Brothers: you're not going to get training that discusses Islamic doctrine, and who the Muslim Brotherhood is: their history and influence, and their penetration operations here in the United States. And, to boot, the people who are training the FBI are people like CAIR.
This has happened b/c the Muslim Brotherhood has a long term strategy. They are well organized, with hundreds of front groups.
Muslim Students Association is on every major campus in the United States, recruiting people into the [Muslim] Brotherhood on our own campuses.
The evidence entered into the Holy Land Foundation trial demonstrated that the Muslim Students Association was the first Muslim Brotherhood entity in the United States - established in 1963 - for the sole purpose being and establishing a Muslim Brotherhood here. And it continues today to be a Muslim Brotherhood entity that is expanded and recruits students on campuses in the United States.

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