Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Draft Tim Tebow

is all I'm sayin.

First, the bad:

1. the concussion worries me
2. the concussion worries me
3. the concussion worries me
4. the concussion worries me
5. the concussion worries me
6. the concussion worries me
7. the Wonderlic score of 22 = meaningless. NFL is not rocket science. The avg. QB score is 24. Donovan McNabb scored 14. Dan Marino scored 16. Brett Favre scored 22, therefore 22 is obviously good enough.
8. needs to learn to read pro defenses = will be brought along slowly.

Here's the thing:

While Tebow is brought along slowly, he runs your team's Wildcat offense in the red zone as a barely stoppable 260 pound bulldozer RB. Your team thus has the finest red zone offense in the NFL. What's not to like?

With your red zone offense on the field, what if you wish to switch out of the Wildcat and put your normal QB under Center? No problem: Tebow lines up at FB as a lead blocker. You want to pass out of that? Tebow is your man: Tebow does pass protection for your regular QB; Tebow envelops and erases any blitzing LBs as if they are children. You want to run a sweep pitch with a 260 pound RB who runs about 4.7ish? Tebow is your man. You want to run HB pass off that sweep pitch? Tebow is your man.

Red Zone offense is very difficult; is critical to winning. While he spends 3 years as a backup QB who is learning the NFL, Tebow oh-by-the-way also provides your franchise the best Red Zone offense in the NFL, just as an incidental bonus to having him.

Use Tebow's gifts.
  • Put him on special teams. Who wants to block or get blocked by Tim Tebow?
  • Make him the up back on the punt team. From the up back position: how much does Tebow's threat as a passer and runner thus mess up a punt return team? I say up back Tebow kills an opponent's punt returns and punt blocks. A punt return team must now play serious defense.
  • Make Tim Tebow your coffin corner punter. Now a punt return team is totally afraid and compromised.
  • Run the Wildcat on every 4th and 2 all over the field. Tebow can punt most of those times and roll the punt 50 yards. On the other snaps: Tebow can run for it, and almost no one can prevent his gaining 2 yards. Tebow is Jerome "The Bus" Bettis.

Draft Tim Tebow. He completely changes the game. He's an "X Factor" like no one has seen since Red Grange and Doak Walker.

Especially if you're Mike Singletary: draft Tim Tebow. More than any other coach in the NFL: Mike Singletary ought value the intangibles which Tim Tebow brings - both on the field and off; Mike Singletary ought understand focusing on what a player can do, rather than focusing on what a player cannot do.


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