Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Unleash Rich Harden!


Prayer and meditation time is over. Hop to it.

Update: Unleash Rich Harden! must have worked, as Harden gave up only 1 hit and struck out 8! He did, however, exit after 3 2/3 innings and consecutive walks. Still: 1 hit! He struck out 8! ! ! ... ? ? :-( Bummer.

Rangers prep for Game 2 after "Unleash Nelson Cruz!" worked so well on Opening Day. From Monday:

Unleash Nelson Cruz!

Update: Nelson Cruz is unleased! His 3 run homer in bottom of 7th ties game at 3-3; his RBI double in bottom of 9th ties game at 4-4.

The key swing of the game. If you can believe it: this minimalist swing launches a line drive into right center field. The ball carries on the RBiA jet stream and short hops the back wall of the Rangers bullpen. That pitch was a fastball which was just off the outside edge of the strike zone. It was a fabulous pitch, actually, yet Cruz got sweet spot on it.

Video: sights and sounds of 2010 Opening Day at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. I recognize Staubach's throwing motion from his days as a QB. Staubach was one of my heroes, and I would recognize his throwing motion anywhere. I also recognize the high throw: at the beginning of games, Staubach's adrenaline would frequently cause him to throw the ball high.


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