Friday, April 02, 2010

Texas Rangers: Garko/Blanco a go-go

Ryan Garko and Andres Blanco are perfect pick-ups for the Texas Rangers.

Garko plays 1B well, and has played some OF and C. Versatility.

Blanco is a 5'10" 190 lb 26 year old agile bulldog of a middle IF who the Rangers hope to train to also play 3B. Blanco is a switch hitter with only 350 major league ABs. His bat has potential to develop a bit. Blanco can defend like a true professional SS; he can run a bit; and he's controllable for at least 4 seasons. Perfect.

Matt Treanor is also a perfect pick up: a 34 year old defense first catcher who has savvy, receiving skills, throwing skill, leadership qualities, 736 career major league ABs, and is not defenseless in the batters box. Also perfect.

As mentioned before: Endy Chavez is perfect defense first CF insurance for Julio Borbon.

I really like these pick-ups by Jon Daniels and his scouts. These guys are cheap; are good defenders (except Garko); are savvy competitors. Any of these guys could step into the lineup and perform - including in a pennant race and in the playoffs. These are the kind of players a team needs. I would kinda like to see Treanor in Arlington, and Saltalamacchia and Teagarden taking turns working on their games in OKC (would especially like to see them working on their offensive pitch selectivity in the less pressurized circumstances at OKC).

I hope the Rangers will allow Max Ramirez to continue to develop his catching at OKC. I've watched him behind the plate. He can do it. And he wants to do it: he's enthusiastic behind the plate. Maximus could become an impact player; could become more valuable than either Saltalamacchia or Teagarden.

Joaquin Arias, allegedly, never developed the polish which Ron Washington likes to see in an infielder and in a batter and in a runner. Especially regarding Arias' infield play: how could this happen? Arias has been with the Rangers org since 2005. Isn't "lack of polish" an indictment of the Rangers' minor league organization? I've always noticed that Arias, who unquestionably possesses superior speed, rarely steals bases. Why is this? How could a good minor league organization allow this to happen? Arias has good bat control: how could the organization fail to develop his good bat control into an effective hitter for a middle IF? It's not like a middle IF needs to be Babe Ruth.

The Rangers are now in position to weather injuries at any position. Even if Borbon goes down on Opening Day, the Rangers can play Josh Hamilton in CF until Endy Chavez is ready in June. No matter what pitchers go down, or how many pitchers go down, the Rangers can run talented pitchers out there to replace them. The team has depth. Let the injuries happen: it should not prevent the Rangers from playing with excellence. This team is going to contend. Seriously.

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