Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ahh ... Nigella ... Food Pornvocateur

How can anyone dislike Nigella? Have people no sense of humor? No joie de vivre?! One simply must love Nigella.

"a merry dumpling barely contained by her midnight-blue velvet evening gown"

"But anyone who thinks Lawson's talents were mainly a function of her brunette mane and ample bust hasn't experienced her as a pure, disembodied radio voice.
English poetry is thriving in the subtle, mellifluous, adjective-laden culinary odes of Nigella Lawson (who has an Oxford degree in medieval and modern languages). After listening to her on my car radio on the way to work, I often arrive for my morning classes in an ecstatic haze."

Nigella appears barely capable of taking a bad photo. If you can - while arranging velvet on velour -be assaulted by paparazzi and somehow come out of it looking like one of God's most blessed sexual creations: cameras clearly LOVE you.

This is terrible to say, but: if I were to go out to dinner with a man who ... didn't look like he enjoyed his food, I would know: this is never gonna happen for me.

Idea ruthlesslessly stolen from R.S. McCain, who got it from Protein Wisdom comments.

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