Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Some current content:

Research shows brain differences between religious believers and atheists

Natasha Richardson's death likely saved the life of 7 year old Morgan McCracken
(Morgan's parents, a couple of days after Morgan suffered a head injury, learned about Natasha Richardson and then took Morgan for an immediate CT Scan when she complained of a headache. Had the parents waited even a couple of hours longer, a rare and slow hemorrhage in Morgan's brain would have likely resulted in her death.)

Japanese man, now 93, confirmed to have survived both atomic bombings
He got hit by the first bomb; spent a couple days recovering; traveled home to Nagasaki; WHAM! That is extreme bad luck + good luck, then more extreme bad luck + good luck. Amazing. Also: does atomic radiation promote long life? Just askin.

NFL to celebrate AFL with sweet throwback uniforms

[Click for bigger photo]  That's seven head coaches and Bob Kraft. Belichick couldn't be bothered. I enjoy detesting that man.


Southern Brother said...

Baron always refers to him as: BeleCHEAT

gcotharn said...

Baron's got it correct. Proven and validated correct. I nominate "Belichump".