Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Excerpting my friend Craig Hollingsworth's But God...
When man has fouled things up and set definite consequences in motion - God has repeatedly turned the tables. He has reversed our fortunes over and over. Time after time He has removed what we deserved, and replaced it with something we couldn’t possibly earn.
Since I couldn’t earn His grace, and I can’t alter His grace, and I can’t lose His grace, even though I may not completely understand it I am left with the obvious choice of savoring His grace.

Do read it all. It's not long, and it's inspiring.

God's grace reminds of:

Shiri Negari; Shiri tribute video


Webutante said...

Beautiful, Greg. Grace if certainly we can't earn and if we're lucky, we come to realize it, sooner rather than later.

gcotharn said...

Augh. I realize it, then forget I ever realized it!

My friend, Craig, did good.