Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Conservative babes with brains

Video of Republican Pollster Kelley Anne Conway, on a panel of conservative babes with brains, talking about Sarah Palin, beginning at 21:00 mark:
My own personal opinion is:  many people who attacked her - most of whom were women, by the way - did so because they simply don't know anybody like her.  They are struggling to balance their 1.2 children and their Pilate's schedule, and here's "Who the hell does this woman think she is?"  with 5 kids, including a special needs one?  She looks incredible.  She's presiding over an $11 Billion budget.  And I think many people, you know, she was unexpected, so they didn't know who she was; she didn't go to an Ivy League school like most of them did; and was clearly a superstar athlete in high school, and most of the people in the mainstream media weren't - I think of some of them and dribbling and I'm not thinking of basketball - and a lot of the criticism occurred [immediately], on the night of the day she was chosen.  It was:  how can we stop her?  And how a lot of this criticism got through editors, I'll never know, but she was called everything from "She devil" to "flag pin with nice calves".  And this usually happened from female journalists.  The sisterhood is a total joke.
The video discussions, at the link above, are quite good. 

Token liberal Mary Anne Marsh notes that Hillary was bashed in sexist fashion. Probably true (though, and be quick about it: can you instantly name an example of sexism directed at Hillary?) - but Hillary bashing vs Palin bashing was apples vs 200 tons of flying watermelons. I find it disingenuous to compare the two. It implicitly pooh poohs the venom which was directed - from the highest levels of the Obama Campaign and the major media - at Gov. Palin.  Comparing Palin to Hillary is a way of rewriting the history of the insanity which was directed at Palin.  Many of us can reel off lists of false accusations directed at Gov. Palin in the major media.  Dems will succeed in rewriting this sordid history - just as they succeeded in rewriting Anita Hill into a victim instead of a predator, just as they succeeded at rewriting Iraq into "Bush lied, people died" - but I won't sit quietly by; I won't passively watch the history of the Palin smears be diminished.  I will lose the rewrite fight, but not quietly. 

John Galt discussion begins approx. 25:50. 

Mary Anne accuses conservatives of being quiet during Pres. Bush's socialist bailouts.  To the extent conservatives were quiet, we were trying to process what was happening.  Things were  happening fast and things were confusing.  The sales pitch was:  
bail us out now from the worst financial crisis CRISIS CRISIS in history - created by government incompetently and corruptly meddling with Fannie/Freddie - and we'll give details later.
I was trying to be prudent about not spouting off w/o having a decent idea of what I was saying, and surely others felt the same.  We let ourselves be bumrushed.   

Michelle Malkin is correct, however:  by the very end, when GWB was saying "I had to abandon the free market in order to save it", we conservatives were feeling ill.  Malkin was shouting, on her blog, that GWB was "pre-socializing" the economy for Barack, and it was clear and clearer - in the last weeks of GWB - that Malkin was exactly right.  The Bush AIG bailout was horrifying; the Bush GM Bailout was both horrifying and an unconstitutional exercise of power which the Executive did not lawfully possess.  In the last 3-4 months of his Presidency, GWB wrecked us.  And, now, Barack/Nancy/Harry are wrecking us worse - by a factor somewhere between maybe 200 and infinity.  As bad as GWB was: Barack/Harry/Nancy are almost unfathomably worse. 

Back to the video:

Actor Robert Davi, at the 37:00 mark, is outstanding.  Consider his "gas factor" observation.

Fred Thompson arrives approx 59:00.

Let me again note: conservative women are BABES. It's the happiness factor.  When you understand and embrace the world as it is designed, and you understand and embrace your place in that world: you are naturally attractive.  You give off vibes of attractiveness; rays of happiness.

Consider Jeri Thompson - which is unfair, because she is the rare human who is touched by God with the extreme attractiveness gift - but, consider that Jeri has been fighting illness yet shows up for this panel because she had promised to do so.  Only a happy person does that.  A bitter person stays home and nurses their misery; celebrates their misery, in fact. 

Conservative women are happy babes.  Gotta love em.

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