Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mavs PG Jason Kidd goes for loose balls

better than any player in history.

First: He is heady. He calculates rebound angles; he anticipates other players' tipped balls, he anticipates passes and tips many of them himself.

Second: He has big and strong hands. When he gets his hands on the ball, he rips it away from even big players.

Third: Better than anyone I've ever seen, Kidd knows how far he can go after a loose ball w/o committing a foul. This is tremendous knowledge and a tremendous sense for a player to have. Time after time, Kidd goes right up to the edge of committing a foul ~~~ and then backs off, just in time. Young players blunder into loose ball fouls. J. Kidd pulls up short juuust in the nick of time.

Fourth: Referees love J. Kidd. Referees will extend his career by two seasons, and his wallet by $20M.

I don't know what future seasons will bring. I do know, for this season, J. Kidd is an outstanding player.

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