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Barack is worse than I expected, and I expected mucho Bad O

I've been wondering: During the campaigning, how bad did I expect Barack to be if he were elected? Fortunately, this blog is an easy record to check such a thing: I expected BAAAAD. Yet, I didn't expect anything quite this bad. Maybe I should have.

My first ever blog mention of Barack was on 1/4/08:
Obama is so likable. But, intellectually, Obama is light as cotton candy.
I'm gratified I had that cotton candy part correct. I've learned, since Jan 08, that media who traveled with Barack did not like him personally. Barack is haughty, dismissive, and doesn't share himself (i.e. "I'm a blank slate"). So, Barack is likable from a distance. The closer you get, the less likable he becomes.

Also on 1/4/08, I noted the emerging messiah effect amongst Barack's followers.

1/5/08, noted Obama's stated reasons for deserving to be elected:
Obama's reasons: change, freshness, hope. Platitudes. Yet, he embodies the platitudes. They work for him, to this point, at least. John Kerry was platitudes, and he was Ohio away from election. John Kerry had a plan.

1/24/08: Hillary and Barack debate. I score their deceptiveness:
7 falsehoods
one hypocrisy point
one balls the size of planets point

zero falsehoods, 
one hypocrisy point
2 public irrationality points
At the time, I was defending Barack against unfair slanders. But, look again at that scoring: Barack gets two points for public irrationality, Hillary gets zero points for same. Foreshadowing.

Barack's current, disastrous policies are frequently based upon irrational assumptions. Think about that.  The President of the United States is publicly irrational, i.e. out of touch with reality, i.e. acting based upon fantasy. On 1/24/08, I likely believed Barack was being disingenuous, as opposed to simply and startlingly dim. I underestimated the volume of his cotton candy filling.

By 2/16/08, I had his act mostly nailed:
Texas holds an open primary on March 4. I will vote for Hillary.


Barack, as much as any major politician, accepts and believes in the orthodox liberal menu of "truths".

This is a sign of a shallow thinker. It tells us Barack has risen via charisma and good looks. He has not risen because of any particular wisdom which will help him govern wisely and effectively.

We ought pause, for a good, long, skeptical, spine-chilling look, at the specter of Barack's orthodox leftist beliefs + Barack's lack of tangible accomplishment.
Spine chilling turned out to be understatement. Another post on 2/16/08:
In the post below, I criticize Sen. Obama for being a cynical, political Elmer Gantry. This short [Ronald Reagan] video shows how to make an uplifting speech about actual ideals. President Reagan's substance stands in contrast to Senator Obama's fluffy nothingness. President Reagan spoke of ideals which could be accomplished, and which were accomplished under his leadership. Contrast Senator Obama's language of ... fluffy nothingness. There is no better way to describe it.
By Feb 16, 2008, I knew Barack was a scary person to elect. Now in office, he is scarier than my worst case fears.

Our nation is at a critical juncture. We must rebalance in the 2010 elections - sweeping Repubs into Congress - or we possibly will never regain the footing we had during our first 232 years. I get very angry with Repubs, yet Dems are a Biblical plague.


Between 2/16/08 and 3/6/08, I wrote a series of blogposts which were variously outraged, incredulous, and informative. It got to the point that I never published the following draft - written on 3/6/08 - b/c it felt like piling on:

The Manure Barack is Shoveling, Part 5

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Wherever politics tries to be redemptive, it is promising too much. Where it wishes to do the work of God, it becomes, not divine, but demonic.
--Pope Benedict XVI

"I'm going to back Obama ... I can't wait to see what he stands for."
--Actress Susan Sarandon, Mid-February, 2008

At home, what will Barack accomplish through raising taxes, growing government, appointing activist judges, and redistributing income to those who need it?

Abroad, what will Barack accomplish by genuflecting before the world's most oppressive dictators? What will he accomplish by lowering the odds of Iraq's democratic light shining forth amidst the darkness of Jihad?

Under the guise of "caring", Barack will accomplish
1) a lesser and weaker United States,
2) greater suffering and injustice.

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