Thursday, March 26, 2009

Southern Brother comments on Louisiana baseball

Comments re Texas Rangers Michael Hollander

Southern Brother:
Pictures are of Baron [Greg's note: my nephew] getting Michael Hollander’s autograph @ 2008 CWS. Michael Hollander is from LSU...he is as tough, hard nose, run you over scrappy as there is...he has a big time arm, good feet, and good hands...I think he will be outstanding...@LSU for three years he was a leadoff hitting coach brings in his own SS phenom...forces Hollander out...without a single complaint one he made the transition to 3rd and took his team to Omaha…Hollander is a winner with character and he could play for me everyday…I want him on my team

Greg: This is encouraging to hear. Michael Hollander thus instantly becomes one of my favorite Rangers. I love smart and scrappy; I love Louisiana competitive, such as pitchers Andrew Laughter (Louisiana-Lafeyette), Beau Jones, and Ben Sheets! (hint hint)

Southern Brother 2:
There are a few other tough hard nose super competitive Louisiana kids that know how to play the game....Todd Walker, David Delucci, CoCo Crisp, Ricky Weeks, Micah Owings, Ryan Theriot, and Mike Fontenot...just off the top of my head.


SS Theriot;

2B Fontenot 

Funny story on Theriot and Fontenot. Allen Trammell was/ is infield coach for Lou and the Cubs. Fontenot gets called up and Trammel suggests he and Theriot should work on double plays "to get use to each other" before the game. Fontenot:
Coach, we've been turning double plays with each other from 12 yrs old through 4 years @ LSU. I dare say we have worked @ turning more DP's together than you and sweet Lou...I think we got this
Fun story.

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