Tuesday, March 03, 2009

60 Minutes Profile of Bobby Jindal

Updated with new info.

Worth watching.

Gets me even more fired up for Jindal. Love Mrs. Jindal. Previously knew neither her personality nor her educational accomplishments.

Jindal and Tea Party protesters should take a boat into the Mississippi River near the Statehouse and dump $80M in Monopoly money into the water.

That is, I believe, the amount of federal funding for unemployment insurance which Jindal is turning down.

Pictured: Record sleeve for LP of Turk Murphy at 1956 New Orleans Jazz Festival h/t

Update: Jindal displays his talent when rebutting a surprisingly hostile Larry King over the Limbaugh/Michael Steele contretemps. Jindal refuses to accept the premise King proffers.

Here's where many conservatives fail when on television: they try to answer questions which are premised on false information, false assumptions, or false philosophical opinion.  Michael Steele, for instance, allowed D.L. Hughley to choose the ground upon which to contest a fight. Hughley chose ground which was falsely contoured, and upon which Steele could not win.

Conservatives ought treat every question which is based upon a false premise as an invitation to examine both 1) the inferior leftist philosophy behind the question, and 2) the superior conservative principles upon which our nation is founded. If conservatives on television will choose this ground (i.e. conservative principles), they cannot lose.

Pres. Obama's minions are attacking Limbaugh b/c it is
a) it's easy to attack a person, and
b) it's impossible to win an argument in favor of the merits of Obama's spending (an argument which implicitly opposes free markets).

Since Pres. Obama needs an argument he can win ... Viola: Rush Limbaugh!*  

This is a compliment to Limbaugh, and is typical Dem (esp. Clinton/Carville/Begalla) modus operandi. See:

Bork, Judge Robert;
Thomas, Justice Clarence;
Gingrich, House Speaker Newt;
Starr, Special Prosecutor Ken;
Cheney, Vice President Dick;
Rumsfeld, Defense Secretary Donald;

and Dems were completely going after Gen. David Petraeus ("suspension of disbelief", and "traitor" ad in NYT), except overt victory got in the way. If victory had been juuust a bit more subtle, Petraeus would today be damned and cursed and mocked all over the major media.

It's a compliment to Jindal that Larry King(!) of all people went after him. The left media go after persons whom they perceive as threats. There's some fear of Jindal on the left - and there should be. This fear and hostility amounts to feedback which shows Jindal is on the right track.


I still love Sarah Palin.  Having both Palin and Jindal (and Romney, and other rising stars - esp. in the House of Representatives) is a good thing. It's not a bug, it's a feature.   And it's something else Obama/Carville/Begalla are trying to guard against, i.e. don't look at Jindal, look at Limbaugh; don't look at Eric Cantor, look at Limbaugh!

Conservatives need new energy; need to reject the weak minds and uncomprehending intellects which sold out when in power (i.e. Sen. Thad Cochran - puke).

*Limbaugh says Obama is employing Alinski's Rule #12 for Radicals:
"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it."

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