Monday, March 09, 2009

Imelda May interview

This interview is precious:  Imelda May talks about growing up in a working class town in Ireland, and about being supported and encouraged by her extended family (some of whom smile and nod from the audience).  

When Imelda laughs: she laughs suddenly, from startlingly deep inside, and completely unselfconsciously.  She likes to laugh.  She gets suddenly and fully into the moment of humorous enjoyment.

Question:  What about school?  Didja have music [untranslatable] in school?
Imelda:  We had Sister Hilda on the accordian.  She was great.  ... You hear of other people, and they had pianos and orchestras and all.  We had the wonderful Sister Hilda on the accordian.

Too good to pass up:
~~ October 2006 ~~ Imelda was trying to make it in show business ~~ This is burlesque star Missy Malone "fan-dancing to 'I PUT A SPELL ON YOU' sung by Imelda May and played by the Palookaville Orchestra at Candy Box".

Camera phone and YouTube greatness. Nice performances by Ms. Malone and Ms. May. Bravo.

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