Sunday, March 15, 2009

Something Happening Here: Big Cincinnati Tea Party

Instapundit has photos.

The tea parties, all over, are filled with people who likely have never attended a protest in their lives. Those are people like me. My people. My tribe normally doesn't protest. There's something happening here. Drums in the distance. Low. Distant. Yet definite.


Webutante said...

And it's very exciting and scary in its own way. I think this thing is going to grow to unheralded proportions in the next 12 months. And where it goes from there....we all move to Texas and start a new country!

gcotharn said...

You know, Texas would immediately be one of the great nations of the world. Our GDP is already huge. Even more businesses would rush to our low tax, reasonable regulation climate - and we've got room to accommodate them. It's a shame I grew up pledging allegiance, or I might be plotting to lead a breakaway!