Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Night Lights: Matt Saracen Wants to Play WR

I predicted this within minutes (seconds?) (!) of Saracen's being replaced by the hot shot frosh QB with Janine Turner for a Mom! Yes! Way to go, Matt Saracen. The reception which wins the State Championship Game awaits you.* **

It's the middle of the week, in the middle of the season, and where is FB Riggins? In Manhattan with Jason Street. That's NY, NY. Times Square, of course. Where ELSE would Riggins be? Not at practice, that's for DANGED sure.

Right before Tyra's college interview, Ash the cowboy tells her there is no such thing as a married person on the road. Tyra goes in and tries to put on a brave face in the interview.

Penelope Trunk would've gone into the interview and bared her heart about how crushed and devastated she was; would've had the interviewer handing her tissue and crying empathetic tears; would've told the entire story of the relationship, plus why the break-up occurred, plus why her marriage broke up; would've had upper management coming into the office and crying also; would've had everyone in the room giving her advice and patting her in sympathy.

Back from commercial: the college doesn't want Tyra. Penelope Trunk would've had a rowing (crew?) scholarship by now. Poor Tyra. You can sense, though, something good is eventually going to happen for her.

Saracen's going to get to play WR. Coach's daughter forced the issue during dinner, followed by an impromptu tryout in the street: an actor throwing passes almost decently; another actor desperately clutching passes to his chest like a 7 year old in the front yard. Would love to see outtakes of the drops.

Tyra's going on the road with Ash. Dang. Maybe this is good. Or not.

I like this show - all it's fans like this show - partially b/c it always ends on an emotional note. The West Wing did the same thing at the end of each episode. It's the music - music manipulation. They carefully select just the right section of music, and they bring up the music loudly and richly at the optimal emotional moment. It's manipulation, and we know we're being manipulated, and we like it anyway.

I predict, in this show, the music will rise when Jason Street is offered a job with the sports agency in NY, NY.

Coach and Principal cannot afford the dream house which Principal desires. This is the emotional letdown, the sweet wistfulness, at 8:52, which sets us up for the positive emotional finish at 8:58.

I predict Saracen's going to get a college scholarship as a WR. Also that he will need a stunt double for every onfield reception. That, or extremely tight cuts in the editing room.

"Texas forever." Cue the music? Jason Street is wheeling to the front door of the mother of his baby. Cue the music, dang it! Tells her he has a job in Manhattan; will be making $40K; would really like to be with you and my daughter; he throws in some sincere tears... cue the music, dang it! She cries: "I have missed you so much." Riggins, watching from the pickup truck parked at the curb, fights tears. And, there was music, wistful music, but it never went up in volume! It stayed low and wistful, in the background. So, I am way too cynical about the music volume increase.

The end. Roll credits.

* as soon as you can convince the coach to let you play WR

**or, possibly, an end around pass to win the State Championship Game.

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