Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Night Lights prediction

Watching the show now. QB Matt Saracen just got benched so Janine Turner's son, the hot shot frosh QB, can start and run the spread.

Prediction: Saracen somehow saves the season.

Maybe Saracen becomes a WR and catches the pass which wins the championship. Maybe hot shot frosh twists a knee and Saracen leads team to championship. Something like that will happen.

This is the final season of Friday Night Lights. I will not stand for Saracen ending his TV football career on a bad note. The kid has more good karma built up than anyone in TV history. If his career ends badly, I will rally viewers and storm NBC Studios like the Vandals stormed Europe.

Note: Been Hulu-watching my way through the history of this TV series.
FB Tim Riggins = Achilles.

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