Friday, February 06, 2009

Sport as expression of love

Nice local story:
Grapevine Faith organizes half their fans to cheer for fanless Gainesville State School kids during football game. link Grapevine fans email organize; form long pregame tunnel for Gainesville kids; cheer Gainesville kids by name. Gainesville kids wowed and touched. Other Gainesville opponents hear of story and follow suit.

Another nice story:
U.S. Sprinter gives Olympic Medal to disqualified Netherlands Antilles sprinter. link

Another nice story:
Patrick, a Down Syndrome Senior on his high school basketball team, gets into a game on Senior Day and scores 6 points - legit points. link Do you ever get enough of this kind of stuff? I don't.

Another nice story:
Georgia church makes wholesome movies which go national and earn big bucks. link First movie cost $20K and sold 200,000 DVDs. Second movie cost $100K, earned $33M in theaters.

Hello? Hollywood? Anyone home in Hollywood? Anyone still interested in profit over political statement? Or is that sooo antiquated?

Now that Barack is POTUS, I expect Hollywood will feel free to make some Iraq/Afghan war movies where Americans are heroes. I expect those movies will make significant profits. America hungers for heroes like

Major Troy Gilbert
1st Lt. Travis Mannion
Pfc. Monica Brown
Capt. David Powell and Staff Sgt. Raul Torres
Marine Sgt. Philip A. Bocks
Jeanne Assam
Marcus Luttrell

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