Friday, February 27, 2009

"Rent" is being promoted as a play for high schools

for the purpose of eliminating "discrimination" against homosexuals (which is partly or mostly code language for convincing students to support gay marriage?). The meme is being pushed, and is gaining steam nationwide: perform "Rent" in high school theater companies!

High school education is not about eliminating discrimination against homosexuals.

Such is a political agenda, and taxpayer monies ought not be spent on it. Education is not about "expanding our minds" so that we all embrace particular politically correct conclusions. Such is shrinkage of minds; such educates the reasoning ability right out of the students.

I should probably declare myself here: is homosexuality a sin? I firmly say: maybe. Heh. I'm still reading and learning about the Bible. I'm willing to be convinced homosexuality is a sin. For now, I'm a cafeteria Christian. For now, I've heard too many stories of people who swear they were gay from birth, i.e. "I knew I was gay in 5th grade, when I was turned on by the bodies of the high school boys." Therefore, if pressed, I come down on the side of homosexuality not being a sin.

I might change my mind as I study the Bible more. Jesus described homosexuality as an "abomination". Not much room for equivocation there!

One of my favorite quotes is from Billy Graham (quoting from memory):
"I believe homosexuality is a sin. But I don't believe it's any more of a sin than the many sins I commit each day. We Christians tend to overreact about anything which has to do with sexuality."

I should also say: I like "Rent"! The music is wonderful. I enjoy the humor. The story pulls me in. I cried (sort of!). I like "Rent"!

Cassy Fiano articulates the problem:
The problem with Rent is that it is not a cautionary tale. The main characters are portrayed as heroes; their lifestyle glorified.
Throw the gay stuff completely out of the equation: "Rent" glorifies the risky behaviors of drug use and promiscuity. Could anything worse be glorified in a play by and for high school students? From the perspective of a high school parent: not many things could be worse.*

It is true "Rent" could be used as a teaching tool for examining classical virtues. It is also true "Rent" would largely not be used by theater teachers in that way.

Therefore, if "Rent" is coming to your high school, unless you have extreme confidence in your school's theater teacher: please get in contact with other parents, with your school's Principal, and with your school district. Many fantastic plays have been written throughout history. It is silly for your high school to perform "Rent"; silly to risk the negative consequences which might result.

Last word goes to Cassy Fiano:
Benny is disease-free, drug-free, in a committed marriage, and working in a good job with his wife’s family. Yet he’s the bad guy who’s sold out his principles. The characters who do drugs and have casual sex with no money, no jobs, and no future are portrayed as pure and good.


*Suppose someone reads this and says:
What if a play promoted murder or child abuse? Wouldn't that be worse?
Yes and no. Our culture deplores murder and child abuse. Therefore, high school students would to some degree be less likely to be influenced, by a play, into committing murder or child abuse. Conversely, our culture virtually or actually celebrates promiscuity and drug use. Students performing the play (rehearsing for weeks, performing night after night) or watching the play might more easily be influenced towards promiscuity and drug use.


Last night, my cousin sent email suggesting I might like joining website. When I first looked at, I saw three articles about Gay issues, and I kept looking, wondering:  "Is this a gay website?  Does Karen think I'm gay?"  And I had written this blogpost, to be published this morning, about "Rent", so I was thinking: "Have I already published that post about 'Rent'?  Is that why she thinks I'm gay?"

So, when next I see Karen, and even though is not a gay website: I will nevertheless walk with an especial manly swagger, just to ensure she is not confused, b/c that's just the way we hetero males overreact roll.

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