Monday, February 09, 2009

Failure Project 5

Because failure is so important, I'm changing the name of "Success Project" to "Failure Project".

"Failure is a byproduct of pushing the envelope."

Failure is good.
Failure is evidence we are playing.
Failure is evidence of faith that life has purpose.
Failure is evidence we are clear about our goal, and we are measuring.
Failure is evidence of our love for God and fellow man.
Failure is evidence of courage.
Failure is to be cherished, celebrated, acknowledged. Failure is accomplishment.

This video, Failure: The Secret to Success, (h/t) inspired these posts:
: Have faith that life has purpose.
: Being productive is an expression of love.
: Success is often difficult to see, difficult to measure, easy to discount.
: Be as clear as possible about your purpose. Be inspired.

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