Thursday, February 05, 2009

Repubs should roast Barack's derriere on the flames of his own hubris

Barack, inside a vehemently delivered teleprompted speech, just said:
"The American people didn't vote for the false theories of the past, and they didn't vote for the phony arguments."

Barack is saying low taxes and small government amount to "false theories".

Polling shows the nation is center right, and that voters largely did not disagree with GWB about low taxes and small government, but rather believed GWB and Repubs were ineffective managers. Barack/Harry/Nancy do not have a mandate for big spending. They have a mandate to manage the nation more effectively.

Barack is saying Repubs - when they advocate lower taxes and shrewder spending - are making "phony arguments".

This is hubris and projection. Barack doesn't believe lower taxes work. He doesn't believe growing out of a recession can only come from the private sector. He goes too far: he hubristically believes anyone who purports to disagree with him does not actually disagree, but rather is a liar, a deceiver, a "phony".

Repubs should roast Barack's logic re "false theories", and his hubris and projection re "phony arguments". He deserves it. It would be a winning tactic.

Barack also said there are imperfect provisions in the bill, yet the Senate should ratify it anyway. Horse manure. If there are imperfect provisions: cut them out! Rework them, improve them, then pass them at a later date.

This is red meat for Repubs, if they seize the opportunity.

Note #2:
Repubs, running scared of Barack's approval ratings*, have been careful to pick their fight with Nancy and Harry, and have avoided criticizing Barack. Is Barack calling Repubs out as some type of strategy(?), and therefore should Repubs avoid roasting him? I say roast away - but I'm not a political professional.

*Barack's approval ratings have dropped to 60%, and are now a tiny bit lower than GWB's approval ratings were 60 days into GWB's administration, and a tiny bit higher than other recent new Presidents. The media slobber over Barack. The nation approves heartily, but not at an unprecedented rate for a new President.

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