Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bedtime notations

Most nights, after getting into bed and before turning out the light, I write lightweight doodle stuff into a notebook for a few minutes. It's semi obsessive, completely unintellectual (too sleepy to be intellectual), mostly uninteresting stuff (to anyone but me). I doodle football plays, football offenses, Dallas Mavericks roster vs. San Antonio Spurs roster, Texas Rangers lineups, lists of things I will get done, drawings of houses I would build if I had the money, lists of things I would teach a child if money for lessons were no object, locations of homes or condos I would own if money were no object, lists of favorite movies or books, and sometimes I try to work out deep thoughts or conundrums (but not too often). The following is a neatening of many previous lists of Texas Rangers pitching. Spring Training approaches!

Double click if you wish to decipher. The circled players are semi-sleepers whom I have positive hunches about. "x" = LH. I can write a bit prettier (smoother) when not laying in bed.

I buy a couple dozen notebooks at WalMart every fall when school starts. They sell them, at that time only, for 10 cents apiece (as loss leaders). I prefer College Ruled.

I don't recommend my habit. It's more obsessive than productive, and it costs me some sleep. I sort of doodle until my eyes fall closed, then I awaken and put out the light. A few times, I've awakened when my head drooped and my nose hit my pen. Were I directing a movie, I would have a character die like this: they fall asleep writing, their head droops, the pen accidentally goes perfectly up their nose and into their brain, and they are killed by gravity pulling their brain onto the pen. Future doodle: movie scenes I would direct...

inspired by Mad Housewife
(except the sports parts, the accidental death part, and the ruled notebook part)


Literary Auntie said...

Wow, that sounds like quite the death scene.

Thank you for your very nice comment!

gcotharn said...

Hi Lit Aunt!

Ya know, "that sounds like quite the death scene" sounds like a discreet way of sending this message: that death scene sucks eggs.

Heh. Thanks for visiting.