Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Daschle w/draws; Dems don't care about raising taxes b/c they don't pay them?

I count three Barack nominees who had tax payment problems; two have w/drawn: Daschle and newly created "Performance Czar" nominee Killefer. Her taxpaying performance was subpar. Just to round out the Dems overall, add in Charlie Rangel: he heads the House Committee which writes tax law, he loves to impose new taxes; he did not pay his taxes.

Maximum irony and early smarm alert: old Daschle campaign ad

I'm embarrassingly happy Tom Daschle withdrew. His passive aggressive fake humility grated on me for years. Further, he had the political know how and the political connections to actually accomplish something - and that something was government takeover of large parts of health care. Therefore, it seems a blessing he is out. We'll see. Feelings-wise: this makes up for the pain of the Steelers victory.*

*speaking of: Cowboys have zero playoff victories in the last 13 years. That is a sorry record of futility. Jerry Jones is proving himself maximally inept. On the business side, it doesn't get much better than Jerry. On the football side, it doesn't get any worse. Bill Bidwell is superior. It doesn't get any worse.

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