Saturday, February 28, 2009

200 determined taxpayers slog through a snowstorm

to participate in the Kansas City Tea Party:

I don't know who wrote the following. It was quoted by Mike Pence, R-IN, at CPAC, and refers to the 1812 battle (in and around Baltimore) which inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the Star Spangled Banner:
As I stood, on that cold January day, atop the grassy hills surrounding the fort, in the theater of my mind I could almost see the armada sailing up the river - hulls overflowing - with the pride of having sacked the capital of a young country with little opposition. But, the long night would not end as they hoped. There, amidst those earthen barricades, a small, determined band of patriots would save a revolution because they would not yield.

Update: good photos of the protesters marching to Sen. Claire McCaskill's office.

h/t Instapundit


Dennis Pro... said...

Thanks for the exposure on your blog. When it gets warmer, I think we could own the streets for a similar event.


gcotharn said...

You are WELCOME! I am completely fired up that you guys went out in that weather and tromped around KC. Kudos.