Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One of the funny characters on Friday Night Lights

is, unexpectedly, the coach.  From Hulu history of episodes:

1.  Teenaged daughter is constantly rude to her parents.  Comes home from 3rd date ever, says, sincerely:  "I just want to thank you guys for being wonderful parents, and for providing for me, and taking care of me, and I just really appreciate it." Coach nods his head in satisfaction, as in:  Finally, she recognizes how awesome we are.  Wife says to Coach, "No, honey.  Something must've gone really wrong!"  Wife jumps up and chases towards teenaged daughter's bedroom:  "Julie!"

2.  Teenaged daughter is picked to QB powderpuff game.  Coach finds out, jumps up, takes daughter into street at 10:30 PM and begins releasing all the pent up desire he had to coach a son who was born a daughter.  You just had to see it.  It was funny to me.

3.  Coach charges into his wife's office:

I gotta talk to you, and I don't need you to be my wife.  I need you to be the guidance counselor, because everything's riding on this:  what do I do about firing Mac McGill?

As a guidance counselor I gotta say that, to me, what he said is a firable offense.

Alright.  Wuhl lemme talk to my wife.  Lemme talk to the person that cares about me and cares about the team, and also has to understand the relevance to our future of us winning the Regional.

There is nothing more clear to me than that your team is way more important to you than Mac McGill.

Is there anyone else I can talk to?

You can talk to your friend.

Wuhl wha does she have to say?

This is not about Mac McGill, and this is not about the team.  This is about you.  And you've been put in this position now where you've got to make the decision.  If you don't fire him at this point, you are condoning what he said.

Wuhl, honey, he said somthin stewpid.  He's not a racist.

I know.  But that is not sumthin for a kid's assistant coach to say; no less for a government employee.  Which is what he is.

Coach gets up and walks to door; pauses and turns back:  

The three of you scare me.

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