Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Debra Burlingame reports on 9/11 and Cole families meeting with Pres. Obama

Radio interview accessible here.

Ms. Burlingame is a lawyer. She gives personal impressions of President Obama which I find interesting b/c it's difficult to get a sense of who he truly is. My paraphrase of Ms. Burlingame:
President Obama did say GITMO is a pristine, professional operation, but he has decided to close it b/c of negative world opinion.

He is attractive, extremely likable, a good listener. But, if you really listen to what he's saying, he gets things wrong* there isn't much there.

I went up to Greg Craig [Pres. Obama's Legal Counsel] and said "You know he got [info about] the Boumediene decision wrong." Craig said: "I know."

He did a lot of touchy feely stuff in the meeting: I'm here for you, that type of thing. He did appear to be open to ideas from the families.

*originally working from memory, I got that part wrong! Heh. I listened again.

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