Saturday, February 07, 2009

The "O" TEAM

Macho Sauce composes song: "Right Wingin Woman". It's pretty good, actually, and pretty funny, in a right wing Barry White kind of way.
"To get down to how deep our love is baby
you know what we have to do...
We gotta drill baby drill baby drill baby drill"

Bonus: Macho Sauce, i.e. the greatest musician/video blogger in America, delivers a magnum opus: "The A TEAM (Actually the 'O' TEAM)"

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Just because: MKH recent genius comment on Neil Cavuto:
ACORN is the Rod Blagoyevich of advocacy groups: they are shamed; they are being investigated; yet they still show up in Washington and get handouts.

Just because #2: Sweet retribution re Tom Daschle

On O'Reilly, Linda Chavez recounted how Daschle promised to filibuster her nomination in 2001. Daschle said: "If the proposed Labor Secretary cannot follow the law, we've got problems."

Chavez had not broken any laws. She had, a decade previously, knowingly given shelter and sustenance to an abused woman who was an illegal alien. Her actions were not illegal, yet Daschle mischaracterized and exploited them.

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