Monday, February 16, 2009

Sports garb ideas

I find myself reading Uni Watch Blog more and more.

Two ideas in this Uni Watch post:

1. Instead of trophies, sew 19" pennants for the players (made 28 pennants for $35 cost of materials). This pennant congratulates players for a championship (on the far right side).

I love this idea. However, I'm a bad judge of what other players and parents will love.

2. Make your own felt logo for a jersey. This gentleman liked this classic (and retail unavailable) Baltimore logo and Oriole sleeve logo. He downloaded, printed, then used the prints as a maps for his felt logos. Total cost of sweat top and logo: $20. Retail cost of currently available, and uglier, Baltimore sweat tops: $60.

A note about both pennant and sweat top: if the applique/sown felt is accidentally applied in a gritty or unique fashion - in my mind, that just gives the items an old time, authentic, and actually better look. However the application ends up: it's win/win.

Second note re making your own garb: must use black and orange. It's clearly a rule.

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