Tuesday, February 10, 2009

322 Professors of Economics to Barack: Bull@#$%

Three hundred and twenty two Eco Profs:
Mr. President, you have, um, strettcchhed the truth a bit. You told a biiitt of a whopper.

(Economists now speak in DeNiro accent)

You did disrespect us a little bit.
You did exaggerate a little bit. You did. A little bit. Yes you did.

Okayfine: you lied. There. We said it.


Barack is also "truth challenged" regarding pork - and, as I never fail to remind: climate change.

Ed Morrisey: Barack lied.

Real Clear Politics calls out Barack for repeatedly propping up Republican Straw Men.


Amused Cynic was underwhelmed by the 13 questions=1 hour Press Conference:
He spoke in vapid, platitudinous campaign-speak. I couldn’t decide if he was deliberately trying to run out the clock on the presser with absurdly long answers, or if he just had no idea of what he was talking about and thought an endless stream of buzz-words would so confuse the press that he’d get himself off the hook.
By way of comparison, in his first (also televised) press conference, JFK answered 37 questions in 40 minutes. Amused Cynic has more at the link.

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