Saturday, March 14, 2009

Texas Rangers Coaching Staff

is a big plus.  

Ron Washington's coaching tends to get a bit "out there".  Washington can benefit from being surrounded by coaches who are well-grounded, no bull@#$% guys.  That's exactly the case this year. 

Jackie Moore is a grizzled old baseball cowboy.  He's seen it all; he's coached it all.  Moore has seen enough to keep his expectations reasonable, yet he's ornery enough to keep his expectations definite

Mike Maddux is filled with moxie and confidence, yet also: old school, no nonsense, non-narcissist.   This is also perfect for meshing with Ron Washington, and for bringing the pitching mentality Nolan Ryan wants.


The problem with the Rangers:  all their starting pitchers are talented #5 starters.

An exaggeration - yet it works as explanation. 

The Rangers have no other problems.  Their bullpen is worthy; their offense is worthy; their defense is worthy. 

The starting pitching could surprise in a favorable way.  Padilla and McCarthy have the talent to win Playoff Games.  Matt Harrison will someday win Playoff Games for the Texas Rangers. 

Could the following occur?
  1. Rotation of plucky #5 starters (combined with excellent roster) moves team forward and into contention during 1st half
  2. Derek Holland injects lightning into rotation in mid June
  3. Ben Sheets joins rotation in mid August
  4. Neftali Feliz injects lightning into rotation in late August
  5. Rangers Playoff Rotation:  Sheets, Feliz, Holland, McCarthy.  
Could that rotation win a Playoff Series?  Must be mid-March, because I say: YES! 

Spring fever.

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