Saturday, March 14, 2009

Texas Rangers: Best Pitchers to Open 2009 Season

If the Rangers are strictly worried about putting the best team on the field, they should begin the season with grizzled oldheads in the rotation. Oldheads will keep the team in games, thus preventing another disastrous start to a season. 

Rangers could, as McCarthy and Harrison become ready to start, trade or waive the grizzled oldheads.  This strategy prevents either McCarthy or Harrison from pitching 200 innings during 2009 (which would be too many innings for either of them this season).

Jason Jennings: threw 83-84 in '08; throwing 88-89 in '09. Knows how to pitch.
Kris Benson: knows how to pitch. Go with the grizzle.
Scott Feldman: productive, competitive, durable, has 2.5 seasons under his belt.

C.J. Wilson
Brandon McCarthy: Manage his innings pitched.
Brendan Donnelly
Willie Eyre
Madrigal: Throws 96 w/o fear. Will one day pitch in World Series for Rangers.
Matt Harrison
: Also has championship mentality; also will pitch in World Series.

I try Rupe as a starter at AAA.  Might be an unexpected surprise in that role.


Chris Davis is slumping. There is lots of time before the season begins, and Davis will break out of it. 

What if he doesn't?

Send him to AAA to break out of his slump. This is the beauty of players having options, and of teams having depth. With Davis in AAA: Blalock plays 1B; Hamilton, Cruz, Murphy and Byrd trade off as DHs; Andruw Jones makes the team; Rangers line-up remains potent. A Chris Davis slump actually solves some early season numbers problems.

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