Monday, June 07, 2010

Baseball celebrations after scoring a run

<== German Duran went to Paschal High in dear old Fort Worth, then matriculated down the street at TCU.

William Wilkerson:
[Texas Ranger David Murphy's] all-time favorite was a fixture in the dugout two years ago involving German Duran.

"This was a funny one because he was Mexican, 5-foot-8 or so and had a stocky type of body," Murphy said. "So he was like a piñata. He would do a few little claps with Michael Young and then he would jump and hang on the top of the dugout.

"Mike or somebody would hit him like he was a piñata, and it was predetermined that someone would get a handful of gum and throw it on the ground when he'd get hit. Then the whole team would pick up the gum. That was taking it to the extreme."

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