Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Truman Capote anecdotes in "Infamous"

Researching the "To Kill A Mockingbird" post, ran across the following Truman Capote anecdotes from the movie "Infamous". He was a self created American original.

Below, 30 seconds of Capote anecdote. He is in Kansas, with Harper Lee, doing research for "In Cold Blood". If you wish to stay with this, the Christmas visit is fun, and Capote does a funny reaction at 8:20, when it dawns on him that his Kansas friends do not know who John Huston is.

In matters of humor, I often feel out of step with normal. To me, Capote's John Huston dawning realization is the funniest moment of the scene. I laughed with delight. I don't know that most persons would find Capote's reaction quite so funny.

Conversely, I often find that things which cause an entire group of people to laugh do not seem very funny to me. I find myself standing amidst the group and wondering: am I seriously lacking in the sense of humor department? If so, how would I ever know this? A fish does not perceive water. I would not know I am living a weird humor existence. My friends and family are unlikely to say: "Greg, you do not have a good feel for humor; you are a quirky person who laughs at odd, unfunny things."

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