Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is the foundation of President Obama's foreign policy?

Paul at Powerline is not the first to note President Obama's seeming contempt for nations which have recently displayed loyal friendship towards the United States:
As far as I can see, there is only one thing that unites Britain, Israel, India*, and Colombia (along with certain former Soviet bloc counties like Poland towards which Obama has also demonstrated ambivalence) - their friendship with the United States. Thus, I think we should presume that Obama's contemptuous approach to these countries is a reflection of his profound misgivings about his own country. To him, it may well seem that any nation seeking close ties with an entity as deeply flawed as the United States is not worthy of respect.

Is Paul's conclusion a bit far out and wacky? Can you think of a better explanation for President Obama's foreign policy actions?

The infant/child/teen Barry Obama was inculcated with a belief that success and power only occur via unfair exploitation. President Barack Obama retains this foundational view of humanity and of life - including holding the belief that national success and power only occur due to unfair exploitation of less powerful peoples and nations. President Obama believes this: over the last century or so, if all nations had acted fairly towards each other, then all nations would today be enjoying equal wealth and equal power on the world stage. Therefore, I suspect President Obama has profound misgivings about:

-- the United States
-- any nation which becomes wealthy and powerful
-- any nation which is a loyal friend to any nation which becomes wealthy and powerful.

President Obama believes such nations, entities, societies, and peoples are greedy schemers who unfairly exploit the less powerful. President Obama surrounds himself with like minded persons, and the meme about unfair exploitation informs United States foreign policy.

God help us, and I am not speaking rhetorically.

Separately, Pres. Obama’s belief about power only occurring via unfair exploitation thus explains Pres. Obama’s own easy willingness to play by Chicago Rules. Pres. Obama knows this as certainly as he knows the sun rises in the east: even he cannot rise without unfairly exploiting people and situations along the way. Therefore, Pres. Obama eagerly bends rules and exploits people. He’s doing it for our own good! He is virtuous that way.

*related: source of Pres. Obama's beef with India?

Case study: Honduras

President Obama's inculcated belief about unfair exploitation allows him to believe:
  1. rich Hondurans are unfairly exploiting poor Hondurans on a massive scale, and
  2. the solution to this unfair exploitation is ....... wait for it ......... waaiit ........... socialist dictatorship!
President Obama's inculcated beliefs (along with his Chicago Way political habits) mean President Obama cannot see the bright light of Honduran democracy shining amidst Latin American jungle; mean he cannot see brave and heroic Honduran statesmen who believe democracy is the best solution to human deprivation and suffering. President Obama is blind to these wonders. President Obama can only see exploitation and corruption; can only see a red diaper dictatorship solution (which - the "dictatorship" part of that solution amounts to self flattery by Obama).

If you are a hammer hammer and sickle, then all the world are nails capitalist exploiters.

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