Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Hot: Sara Carbonero distracting Spain Goalie

That's what Spanish futbol sites alleged after Espana's shocking 1-0 loss to Switzerland.

Sara, who was voted world's sexiest journalist 2009, has been dating Spain's goaltender for a year. The Spanish team is supposed to be in South Africa sans wives and girlfriends. Sara is performing her job, and her job puts her in proximity to the team.

Who could fail to be distracted? I'm with those Spanish futbol sites: Sara Carbonero lost the game for Spain. Sad, but obviously true.

It's not just the goalie: Sara Carbonero is distracting the entire team. LOOK at her! The coaches sequester an entire team as if they are monks, then the team is put into proximity with Sara Carbonero?! It is not her fault. Rather, it is coaching malpractice: the Spanish coach is sabotaging the team.

Spanish futbol players are likely the most oversexed human beings in Spain. The coach took the most oversexed beings in Spain and cut them off? Cold turkey?! And then was surprised when their performance suffered?! The Spanish coach is a fool. And, though I wrote this for laughs, I now realize I am not even kidding. This is foolish coaching; an unforced error. If even a couple of players are distracted by monkhood, Spain has hurt her chances to win.

Sara interviews her boyfriend after Espana's derrota tragica:

The distractions in Spain stand mainly behind the goal...

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