Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Hot: Scott Brown's smokin wife, Gail Huff, in 1984 music video

The video is from the very beginning of MTV and music videos, when everyone was superserious about music videos, and when the videos were campy, inane, and laughably pretentious. The best videos from that era are like the best B Movies, i.e. so bad they are good. Sadly, the ONLY redeeming thing about this video is Gail Huff in a bikini. Everything else is indescribably ... not good.

Gail Huff, back in the day, was molten heat. In 1984, every young man would have melted in her presence. I do get a kick out of her pouty lips, and out of whatever she did to her eyes - her eyes looked as if she were suffering either an allergy attack or a reaction to chlorine.

The video is racy. For 1984, especially, it's racy. The left seems to think this will somehow hurt Scott Brown. And I ask: exactly how? I've never been as impressed with Scott Brown as when I was watching this music video of Gail Huff.

Related video:

Gail Huff takes the Navy Seal Challenge.

She's good in the water, and she maintains "hot" status, don't you think?



Bonus Friday Hot: this cute Dem lady who voted for Scott Brown

That's Stacy McCain conducting the interview.

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